The Ayn Rand Center Europe invites students and all interested individuals to apply for the sixth edition of the John Galt School of Objectivist Philosophy. This educational program offers a high-quality introduction to the study of the philosophy of Ayn Rand, a Russian-Jewish-American philosopher. The first lecture will take place on Thursday, October 19th, at the Impact Hub in Belgrade and is entirely free.

The John Galt School presents an excellent opportunity for young, ambitious, and intellectually curious students and individuals to broaden their horizons and reach their full potential. Through economic, political, and cultural lectures, workshops, film and literature nights conducted by eminent lecturers, participants will be introduced to Objectivism – a philosophy that values reason, individualism, and rational self-interest. This educational program also offers opportunities to participate in international conferences, access to a rich digital library, networking with other student communities, and the chance, when becoming alumni, to become lecturers themselves.

The John Galt School program in Belgrade is supported by the Prometheus Foundation. Globally, it has been implemented in nearly 30 countries and has been held multiple times in many of them. Over 100 lecturers have trained more than 1000 alumni.

You can apply for the school through the provided link until October 10th – the program is limited to 25 participants.

Ayn Rand, born as Alisa Zinovjevna Rozenbaum, is an American philosopher, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. She is most known for developing the modern philosophical movement known as Objectivism. Her literary works include “Atlas Shrugged,” “The Virtue of Selfishness,” “The Fountainhead,” and “Anthem,” which have been adapted into films. Her dedication to individual freedom and criticism of collectivism have left a profound impact on the thinking of many people worldwide. Rand’s works encourage contemplation on morality, human nature, and society and continue to serve as a source of inspiration and discussion among readers and philosophers.

Ayn Rand Center Europe is a non-profit organization founded in 2016, originally under the name Balkan Objectivist Center. They run the main programs, the John Galt School and the annual NICON conference of new intellectuals. By expanding their influence and activities, they quickly adopted a new name and became the hub of European Objectivism – Ayn Rand Center Europe. This allowed them to address the needs of a larger market, all thanks to the successes they achieved, partners who shared their vision, and a cooperative team that grew year by year.