On Wednesday, October 18th, in the Impact Hub in Belgrade, the sixth John Galt School in Serbia began. A total of 22 students attended the first lecture, delivered by Jon Hersey himself, who introduced them to the fundamentals of Objectivism.

At the beginning of the lecture, Katarina Vasiljević, COO of the Ayn Rand Center Europe, addressed the students. Following that, during a 1.5-hour session conducted via an online link, Jon Hersey, the editor of The Objective Standard, lecturer, and podcaster, provided the students with a deep insight into the philosophical foundation of Objectivism and emphasized its importance in shaping the world and achieving human freedom and success.

The John Galt School offers an outstanding opportunity for young, ambitious, and intellectually curious students and all those interested in expanding their horizons and realizing their full potential. Through economic, political, and cultural lectures, workshops, film and literature evenings conducted by eminent lecturers, the students will be introduced to Objectivism – a philosophy that values reason, individualism, and rational self-interest. This educational program also provides the opportunity to participate in international conferences, access to a rich digital library, networking with other student communities, and the chance to become lecturers themselves once they become alumni.

We wish the students success in continuing their intellectual development, and upon successful completion of the course, they will join a global network consisting of more than a thousand alumni from over 30 countries worldwide.