We are proud to present the fact that during last year we conducted John Galt Schools (JGS) in 30 countries on four continents – Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

The countries where we implemented the JGS program throughout both semesters in total in 2023 were Brazil, Guatemala, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, England, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Gambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Turkey, Armenia, and India. We also had two regional schools – one in West Africa and two in Latin America. In this context, we received 1,738 applicants for our programs, and 737 students are now JGS alumni.

The John Galt School offers an outstanding opportunity for young, ambitious, and intellectually curious students and all those interested in expanding their horizons and realizing their full potential. Through philosophic, economic, political, and cultural lectures, workshops, film and literature evenings conducted by eminent lecturers, students are introduced to Objectivism – a philosophy that values reason, individualism, and rational self-interest. This educational program also provides students with the opportunity to participate in international conferences, access to a rich digital library, networking with other student communities, and the chance to become lecturers themselves once they graduate.