ReasonFest is coming to Georgia in April – but what is ReasonFest? And why Georgia?

What is ReasonFest?

Have you ever imagined going to an art festival and surrounding yourself with lovers of liberty? Wait no more because Ayn Rand Center Europe, Students for Liberty, and the Prometheus Foundation have paired up to make this happen! On the 21st of April in Tbilisi, Georgia, you will get a chance to ARTiculate Freedom, meet freedom lovers all over the world, and enjoy learning about the profound impact of art on culture and individual thought.

The subject of Art and Objectivism will be explored through six captivating talks. ReasonFest offers a unique platform to explore the philosophical underpinnings of artistic freedom.

Here’s what ReasonFest will look like:

Robert Begley 14:15 – 15:00
Dramatizing Egoism in the Arts

Djordje Mancev 15:00 – 15:30
Capitalism and Art

Leopold Ajami 15:30 – 16:15
Reflective Intelligence: How Tiny Visual Narratives
Trigger Tremendous Influence

Isidora Kolar 16:15 -16:45
Identity Politics on Screen: What’s Wrong With
Woke Movies and TV Shows?

Lana Lagvilava 16:45 – 17:30
How the Art Shapes Our World

Mattias Svennson 17:30 – 18:00
In Defense of Luxury – How Liberty, Prosperity, and Art Thrives Together

The venue is Red Bar, 182 Nikoloz Baratashvili, Left Bank Tbilisi.

The event starts at 2 PM on Sunday 21st of April.

Why Georgia?

ReasonFest is a part of Europe’s largest libertarian conference – LibertyCon!

LibertyCon will take place from the 19th through the 21st of April, hosting a range of talks, workshops, and a whole festival day (21st of April!) dedicated to liberty. International speakers participating in the LibertyCon program include economist David D. Friedman, comedian Remy, Dennis Porter, activist Evgenia Kara-Murza, and many more!

To attend LibertyCon and ReasonFest register using this link.

Who is Coming to ReasonFest?

Leopold Ajami
Reflective Intelligence: How Tiny Visual Narratives Trigger Tremendous Influence

Leopold Ajami is the designer behind leaders’ most powerful tool: their voice. He’s a Certified Public Speaking and Thought Leadership Coach—a proud founding member of the Cialdini Institute and a Cialdini Ethical Influence Coach and Consultant. In 2019 he started Novel Philosophy Academy to help ethical yet undervalued leaders design a voice that matches their worth. His Ph.C System, which integrates philosophy, creativity, and communication, has helped leaders worldwide sharpen their thinking, amplify their influence, and build their brand as distinguished thought leaders. His training programs, coaching, consultancy, and unique frameworks are trusted by top executives from global giants like Google, Russell Reynolds, Apple, and GE. Leopold is also an international speaker and has touched lives across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Isidora Kolar
Identity Politics on Screen: What’s Wrong With Woke Movies and TV Shows’

Isidora Kolar serves as the Chief Executive Officer at New Intellectuals Network. Before her current role, she held the position of CEO at Ayn Rand Center Europe, where she expanded the organization’s presence across multiple continents. Isidora’s involvement in the liberty movement began in Serbia in 2013, and she has since remained an active advocate for freedom. As an accomplished public speaker, she focuses on topics such as nonprofit management and the philosophy of Objectivism. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminal Law, Isidora holds previous academic credentials including an LLB in Law and an MA in Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Security.

Robert Begley
Dramatizing Egoism in the Arts

As the Founder of Speaking With Purpose LLC, Robert Begley helps entrepreneurs and executives leave memorable messages. He has appeared on national television and spoken to audience acclaim across the U.S., including at the Libre Initiative, Duke University, and the Museum of American Finance. He is an Associate Producer of the 80th Anniversary Restoration of the We the Living movie.

Djordje Mancev
Capitalism and Art

Djordje holds a BA in Political Science/International Relations from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He then completed his master’s degree at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Free University of Berlin. He previously served as a Senior Education Manager at ARCE. He is a lecturer on ARCE’s programs and is particularly interested in political theory, including a comparative look into Ayn Rand’s thought and other perspectives of twentieth-century political theory.

Lana Lagvilava
How the Art Shapes Our World

Lana is very closely connected to art. Writing is her passion, and so far she has written three books – two of them are online, one is published. In the last few years, she discovered Ayn Rand’s work and found that Objectivist values were closely aligned to those in her own writing. In addition, Lana is actively spreading Objectivist philosophy and Rand’s books among Georgian society.

Mattias Svennson
In Defense of Luxury – How Liberty, Prosperity, and Art Thrive Together

Mattias Svensson is an editorial writer at Svenska Dagbladet and author of several books (in Swedish). The latest are The open climate policy and its enemies and Killjoys: A book on paternalism. He has also published Ayn Rand novels and selected texts in Swedish.

Don’t Forget to Register!

Register easily for ReasonFest using this link.

LibertyCon Europe is the largest libertarian conference on the continent. LibertyCon anticipates over 800 attendees, are you one of them? Register now and secure your spot.

We hope you will ARTiculate Freedom with us on April 21! See you there!