There are so many theories and debates about what the future holds for us – dystopian, utopian, realistic, nihilistic perspectives… But how can we determine the possible objective outcome of what awaits us? Different perspectives on this issue will be provided by eminent experts from the fields of philosophy, politics, sociology, and related scientific disciplines, through the lens of Objectivism, at the third NICON Conference, which will be held in Budapest from September 21st to 25th. The conference is organized by the Ayn Rand Center Europe.

As mentioned, this year’s theme is the future, with the slogan ‘THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT’. During these five days of NICON in Budapest, you will learn all about the philosophy of Objectivism, the school of thought devised by the American philosopher Ayn Rand – and future perspectives through the lens of this philosophy. You will also engage with leading experts in various fields. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in insightful discussions, attend thought-provoking lectures, and network with professionals who share a passion for understanding and shaping the future. Don’t miss this chance to gain a deeper understanding of what lies ahead and how Objectivism can provide clarity and direction in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the future. The full list of speakers is going to be announced soon. Apply today for the conference using this link.

The New Intellectuals Conference – NICON is the largest European Objectivist conference held annually. It represents a gathering of John Galt School alumni, as well as our partners, donors, and lecturers. This year, we are open for registration to those who have not attended the John Galt School. The previous two conferences were organized in Prague (Czech Republic) and Belgrade (Serbia), with the themes of self-development and love, each attracting over a hundred participants. The speakers included some of the most prominent Objectivist scholars in Europe and the world, such as Craig Biddle, Matt and Terry Kibbe, Isidora Kolar, Leopold Ajami, Angel and Thomas Walker-Werth, Djordje Mancev, and Eszter Nova.

Ayn Rand Center Europe is a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 in Belgrade, originally known as the Balkan Objectivist Center. Their main programs include the John Galt School and the mentioned – New Intellectuals Conference (NICON). By expanding their influence and activities, they quickly adopted a new name – Ayn Rand Center Europe – justified by their fast expansion, thus becoming the hub of European Objectivism. This transformation allowed them to meet the needs of a larger market, all thanks to the successes they achieved, partners who shared the same vision, and a cooperative team that has consistently grown in size each year.