Always the same battle, always the same winner

O: How much time are we going to spend on sacrificing for others until we realize that we are right in front of us?

A: How long are we going to look just after ourselves until we realize that somebody else is there too?

There are a lot of philosophical schools in the world such as pragmatism, existentialism, intrinsic schools, and each one within its field teaches us different things depending on which of them we choose.  Schools of pragmatism and existentialism are based on subjectivism, intrinsic on mysticism, and objectivist schools on Objectivism… There are various differences between them, however if we use logical thinking we will be able to distinguish between them and realize why we should choose and respect Objectivism. The biggest problem occurs when we oppose Objectivism and altruism.

A: Everything we do in other peoples advantage is Good, and everything we do for ourselves is bad. 

O: Benefit of its process is something its processor must have, and humans have to act out of their personal reasons.

(Rand Ayn, „The Virtue of Selfishness“)

Ayn Rand easily explains the difference: the answer to the question “In what bush is the rabbit (altruism)?” Every religion, Christianity, Muslimism, as well as the religions we don’t even know exist, are all based on helping others and therefore on that way you help yourself too. If you have been in church even once, you have also visited the vortex of altruism. 

Altruism lets us be helpful for others but the price that of comes with sacrificing our wishes and dreams, our happiness for others. The question remains: are we so (un)worthy that we are more willing to help someone else than ourselves?

The opposite of that is Objectivism which enables us to help someone else but only if it is beneficial for us. The best example comes from Ayn Rand and her novel “The Virtue of Selfishness” where we can see a lot of good examples and differences which helps us choose Objectivism. 

We act from our personal beliefs but we deny that we are selfish. We are sacrificing ourselves for others but we also justify our integrity by doing this. We believe in ourselves but we’re still in the hands of others. Until what?

The battle between Objectivism and altruism exists from the existence of these two subjects and maybe even longer, and the only winner from all of this is logic. Logic will show us that despite the thickness of the cloud and the Sun that we can’t see, the Sun will always be brighter. You can be the Sun or you can be a cloud, it’s up to you, you choose. O. or A.?

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