The years ahead of us will be filled with many new projects, cooperation, wonderful meet-ups and success!

From February to June 2020 our John Galt School is making its way to the Netherlands and Germany, and from August to December is heading to Czechia, Spain, Romania, Dubai, Turkey, Albania, Georgia and Bosnia.

A year later, with the same enthusiasm and double the energy, we will be visiting Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Italiju, Lithuania, Ukraine and Switzerland in the period between February and June 2021. Soon after, from August to December of 2021 we expect to have new endeavours in Georgia, Israel, Italy and Armenia.

What do you think – how many new smiles, knowledge and love will we meet on our path, and with how much gratitude will we greet them?

In the distant year of 2022, we’ll be visiting Serbia and Montenegro again, but this time we’re planning on visiting Ireland as well (in the period from February until June), so that we would once again go to North Macedonia, and then Turkey and Sweden (in the period from August to December).

And so far, all the way in 2023, our path will lead us back to Georgia, Germany, Czechia, Serbia, North Macedonia and the Netherlands!

Our very successful Prometheus Academy, which was held in Georgia this March, has brought us tonnes of happiness and success, hence this project will continue to thrive in its new realisation and we plan to organize It annually, under the new name – New Intellectual CON. Next academy will be held in Serbia. The first NICON conference (New Intellectual CON) is planned for March 2021.

We are to open our doors for You, and be ready to open Your doors for us! More on John Galt school can be found here. Let us learn, together!

Who’s gonna stop us?