John Galt School

Who is John Galt?

First of all,  John Galt is a huge inspiration for all of us. He is not just a hero from Ayn Rand’s most popular novel ’’Atlas Shrugged’’, but the name of our most popular educational, one-semester program – The John Galt School.  The main goal of this program is to produce high-quality education for everyone interested in the philosophy of Objectivism. 

Also, its goal is to enliven young people and active individuals, hungry for knowledge in the fields of economy, society, politics and philosophy. We are here to  prepare them for an active role in their communities , an active role in their own lives.  Because, all of us are capable of achieving our own happiness and becoming future leaders. We just need someone to help us focus on the right things and show us how to use them.

In order to offer this program to numerous European countries, we partner up with reputable local organizations which implement the program with our guidance.
The John Galt School program educates up to 25 participants and manages to  show them a new perspective in above mentioned subjects. Typical lectures that we come across in universities, are not the only way of schooling. In our school we have workshops, book clubs and movie nights which we use to introduce them with philosophy of Objectivism and with its importance. Of course, some of the best and most important work of Ayn Rand is given to our future alumni, and with her help we help them to find themselves. These schools are the best way to give an introduction and an elaboration to many different life topics, whether it is about Objectivism in sports, art, or generally about Objectivism as a philosophy. And it is up to the freedom of an individual to solely make his or her own conclusion, just as every individual should do for themselves.

Our program has been implemented in 11 countries so far, in which we had 17 schools realised. The John Galt School counts 400 alumni by now. And we are still growing. So far we have had  55 professors – experts in this field, who have made a major contribution to the overall program. These  professors, whom we proudly call “John Galt Teachers,” gave our alumni a key for a bright future by providing them with high-quality education through an interesting way of learning.

Some of the countries where our program has already been implemented are: Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. This year The John Galt School of Objectivism, will be realised in Germany and the Netherlands. This is John Galt, this is us.

Without Ayn Rand, her attitudes, way of thinking and overall work we would never have the opportunity to educate people and introduce them to a whole new world where they will perfectly fit. Her work continually contributes to the education of future intellectuals, whom today we have many but unfortunately are not able to express their full potentials in the right way. Ayn Rand has blessed us with herself and it is up to us to convey her blessing to all those interested through this school. Who knows, maybe among our future alumni we will find a new Ayn Rand or a new John Galt, it’s up to us to spot them.