From a Balkan Center to becoming a European Center for Objectivism

The idea of having a liberal society and economy has brought our team together and guided us towards its realization.

For some time now we’ve been thinking of how we can achieve our own success and happiness, taking into account the era and the society we live in. Where can we find the tools with which to create the best that is possible in our era? How can we place our values on the grounds of reason and a liberal society? Guided by these thoughts, we’ve come up with an idea that we define as our goal.

Ayn Rand Center – Europe is a non-profit organization, established in 2016, originally founded under the name of the Balkan Objectivist Center. We began our mission with our main programme – the John Galt School, with which we presented to the individuals across the Balkan region the benefit of Objectivism in their lives. As we spread our influence and operations, we eventually took a new name and have  now become the capital of the European Objectivism – Ayn Rand Center Europe, which allowed us to respond to greater market demands. We offer many thanks to our partners, with whom we share a common vision, and to our team, which has grown year after year. We could not have reached our many successes without their help. ARCE is planning to maintain its unique schools on Objectivism, with the goal of creating a community of new intellectuals, of dedicated men and women who have acquainted themselves with the ideas and core values of Objectivism.

By using the written words that Ayn Rand has left us and spreading her wisdom in those places that have had a troubled past, we wish to cooperate with extraordinary, young minds across Europe and help them become the most productive version of themselves. The main goal, besides a liberal society and economy, is to fill every corner of Earth with free-thinking minds – those who defy the norms and the expectations of society, unwavering in their mission to be the voice of reason. Courage is our virtue, and commitment to our own integrity is the philosophy which guides us.

We’ve invested our time, our enthusiasm, and our effort to answer timeless questions that honest individuals have always asked, and still ask today. We notice that far too often people blame others for their failures and shortcomings, rather than take responsibility for their own lives. We have learned that it is necessary to take responsibility for our lives, to identify and fix our failings, and to take pride in our achievements.

The root of such belief can be found within the collectivist culture and the thought process which such society has imposed for decades. There is always the belief that someone else will help us (another individual, of a group of them, or the state); the belief that someone else will sacrifice themselves for us.  Instead, it is necessary to make it our own responsibility, to reason, to rely on our own judgement, and to work on our own personal development – the development of an honest, rational and productive individual.

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. […]’’  – Ayn Rand

We believe that it is very important that an individual is, first and foremost, aware of their own personal interests and that by investing in themselves, following their own vision, using their own mind, they build their success and happiness.

Our role in this is to help all those who are ready, brave enough, motivated, and decisive, to step onto this path. By education in the fields of Objectivism, you will gain the necessary knowledge and cultivated abilities to guide you towards achieving your full potential.

Who’s gonna stop us?