Vanja Ratković

Vanja Ratković has a degree in cultural studies. Since 2015, she’s been working in the media sphere as a journalist, PR and marketing manager. As a journalist, she worked for the portals such as Noizz, Oblakoder, Sarajevo’s U kontaktu, as well as the Original magazine of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, covering topics from culture, art, society, and philosophy.

She was the editor of the cultural and local section of the print magazine Wanted magazine, as well as the editor and host of the YouTube show Lokalno relevanti. In terms of PR and marketing, she is active in the music industry, working for the biggest Eastern European festival Exit, Uzlet and Mount of Artan festivals.

During her student days, she attended the School of Objectivism “John Galt” and the Academy of Liberal Politics within the Libek organization.