John Galt School

John Galt is not just a hero from Ayn Rand’s most well-known novel, Atlas Shrugged, but also the inspiration for the name of our most popular educational program – the John Galt School. The main goal of this program is to provide high-quality introductory education for anyone interested in the philosophy of Objectivism.

Ayn Rand | John Galt School

We aim to inspire curiosity in individuals hungry for knowledge in the fields of economics, politics, and philosophy. The John Galt School prepares them for an active role in their communities and, perhaps even more importantly, an active role in their own lives. Our students are perfectly capable of achieving their own happiness and becoming future leaders, we are just there to help them focus on the right things.

In order to offer this program in numerous countries in Europe and beyond, we partner up with reputable local organizations which implement the program with our guidance.
Each John Galt School program educates up to 25 participants and manages to provide them with a new perspective on the above-mentioned subjects. Typical lectures that we come across in universities are not the only way of schooling. During our program, we offer workshops, book clubs, and high-quality lectures, which we use to introduce students to the philosophy of Objectivism and its importance. Some of the best and most important writings of Ayn Rand are given to our future alumni, and with her help, we assist them in finding themselves. These schools are the best way to give an introduction to Objectivism and a more in-depth look at many different topics we deal with during the semester. It is up to the independent judgment of each individual student to arrive at his or her own conclusions, just as all individuals should do for themselves.

Our program has been implemented in over 20 countries so far, with multiple countries having already hosted the school more than once. The John Galt School counts close to 900 enrolled students by now. We have had over 100 lecturers – experts in their fields, teach at our program and make a major contribution to its overall success. And we are still growing.

Who Is John Galt?

Ayn Rand | John Galt School