Objectiversity is an innovative e-learning platform that aims to revolutionize the teaching of Objectivism and create a global network of alumni, partners, and Objectivists. The platform is designed to provide access to educational and social opportunities and features a wide range of programs and activities.

Objectiversity was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the importance of e-learning. The platform provides an opportunity for extraordinary young minds worldwide to access Ayn Rand’s wisdom and connect with each other. The platform also helps us build a more connected community of Objectivists and provides access to various educational materials.

This means that our programs, such as our signature John Galt School, can now take place in the regions that were previously not easily accessible to us, including but not limited to Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Apart from moving the John Galt Schools online, the platform’s features include: a forum to connect its users, an online library which we aim to grow into the biggest online resource of Objectivist literature, videos, and other educational materials, and messages feature for direct communication between registered users.

Apart from John Galt School and NICON attendees and alumni, the platform is home to some of the greatest Objectivist and liberty-oriented thinkers, partners, other ARCE programs and events’ participants, as well as the leaders and members of other freedom-loving organizations and think tanks.

Objectiversity is a groundbreaking platform providing access to educational and social opportunities for Objectivists worldwide. Its features include a wide range of programs and activities, which have already been proven successful in the first months of their use, and we are diligently working on making this platform the largest Objectivist social network in the world.

With Objectiversity, Ayn Rand Center Europe is taking an important step towards becoming a global center for Objectivism, shifting the focus from Europe to the whole world.